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Dezi Dorsey, (lead vocals and guitar) has talent that comes from musical roots. Dezi's father, Darwin Dorsey (Stage Name Tony Roberts) is a well respected keyboardist known for his Hammond B-3 organs and old school playing style.  When touring musicians need a Hammond B-3 or Leslie in Cleveland, they call the Dorsey's.  Dezi's father performed for many years in the Cleveland area. Dezi and his brother Denny also performed with him in the band "Friends".


Friends - Left to Right:

Darwin Dorsey, Dezi Dorsey, Denny Dorsey


Dezi's father still likes to play and get together for huge jam sessions with several B-3 players playing simultaneously. The B-3 brought Dezi's and Danny's fathers together many years ago and the musical relationship between the Dorsey and Morris families began.


Dezi doing his Richie Valens impersonation with Eddie & the Edsels

Front: Bill Morris Senior, Dezi Dorsey, Tristan Morris


The talent and desire to perform was passed down to Dezi who has become a leading male vocalist.  A few of his influences include Paul Rodgers and Don Henley. Dezi has become increasingly popular by performing in bands and hosting a large number of karaoke shows.



Dezi has performed with "Something Different" (which later evolved into The Difference), "Front Row Drive" and "Heart to Heart".


Dezi with "The Difference"


Dezi met Tommy Varga while performing with the band "Nothing Serious".  Dezi also performed with Mike Morris and the "TimeTrax" band aboard the world's most popular cruise line, Carnival.  During this time he performed for 5 straight weeks at Sammy Hagar's world famous Cabo Wabo, located in Cabo SanLucas, Mexico. Cabo Wabo is billed as one of the top 10 clubs in the world. 


TimeTrax - Left to Right:

Mike Morris Keyboards, Nick Aslan Drums, Dezi Dorsey Guitar





Dezi Dorsey at Cabo Wabo